Activity of Practice and Education of Party’s Mass Line launched steadily in Shanghai Shipping Exchange
  SSE’s Activity of Practice and Education of Party’s Mass Line was carried out on Aug 7. At the meeting, it was proposed that the activity foothold should focus on the “key work arrangement of the construction of Shanghai international shipping center in 2013”, lay great emphasis on the mission of “five leading, two coordination” SSE involved, strive to complete the main businesses related to the international shipping information center, freight filing center and ship trade platform and so forth, think deeply about how to practice mass line in main businesses and take promoting work effectively as the key point of the activity.

  At the meeting, it was said that regarding to the practical situation of SSE, the activity of SSE should accomplish six achievements. The first one is rights’ protection and maintenance. We should effectively protect the rights of masses, give power to them and increase the weights of mass appraisal in cadre examination, truly deliver the voter to the mass. The second is the justice and relaxation of environment. We should culture an atmosphere that is full of righteousness and democratic mechanisms and let the mass carry out their work comfortably. The third is the justice and implementation of regulations. First of all, regulations should be fair and the key point is implementation. We should implement them equally. As to the controversial regulations, we can hold hearings for revising them. The forth is justice and abundance of opportunities. Let every first-line employee enjoy the opportunities created by SSE equally and create more chances for the masses to the utmost extent. The fifth is the assurance and enhancement of welfare. The sixth is the longing for and realization of dreams. The common ideal of SSE business development could come true when the masses’ ideal could be realized in the unit.

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