To fully reflecting the fluctuation of Chinese coastal transport market, SSE officially initiated China Coastal Bulk Freight Index (CBFI) on 28th November 2001 under the guidance of MOT. This new tool also better displays the market situation during the period of waterway transport pricing system reform, and boost the sound development of China Coastal Shipping market.

    The publication of CBFI heralded the advent of brand new freight index system in China. As the barometer of the market, CBFI promptly reflects the freight changes, which helps the facilitation of the macro-regulation and control of coastal transport market by the government and provides updated market information to the shipping companies, shippers, trade enterprises, ports, agents, and etc.

    For acclimatizing the changes of the domestic transport market, the adjustment plan of CBFI was approved by the 4th Plenary Meeting of CBFI Panelist on 24th April 2007. This plan included two parts: 1) Adjustment and optimization on trade routes and ship type the member of CBFI Panelist will be augmented on 18th May 2007.2) Issue the spot freight rate of the independent trade routes for first time.

    On 12th July 2011, the second adjustment plan of the CBFI was approved by the 8th Plenary Meeting of CBFI Panelist. Trade routes and ship type adjustment and optimization, of panlist menber were contained in this meeting agenda once again. Besides, two additional decisions were passed in the meeting:1) The CBCFI will be publicized every day since 7th December 2011; 2) The publication time of weekly index will be adjusted to each Friday since 9th December 2011. In 13th Jan 2017, SSE optimized CBFI coal routes and included 4 new routes in, on the basis of CBCFI?s newly-added-routes trial run.

Formulation and publication of CBFI:
1. Basic period. CBFI took January 2000 as the basic period with the basic index at 1,000 points.
2. Selection of sample trade routes, cargo types and ship types. Currently, five types of goods were chosen as the sample goods, namely coal, grain, metal ore, product oil and crude oil. Selected trade routes and associated ship types were listed as follows:
    Qinhuangdao - Guangzhou(50000-60000 Dwt)
    Qinhuangdao - Fuzhou(30000-40000 Dwt)
    Qinhuangdao - Ningbo(15000-20000 Dwt)
    Qinhuangdao - Shanghai (40000-50000 Dwt)
    Qinhuangdao - Zhangjiagang (20000-30000 Dwt)
    Tianjin - Shanghai(20000-30000 Dwt)
    Tianjin - Zhenjiang(10000-15000 Dwt)
    Huanghua - Shanghai(30000-40000 Dwt)
    Jingtang/Caofeidian - Ningbo(40000-50000 Dwt)
    Qinhuangdao - Nanjing(30000-40000 Dwt)
    Qinhuangdao-Guangzhou (60,000-70,000 DWT)
    Qinhuangdao-Xiamen (50,000-60,000 DWT)
    Qinhuangdao-Zhangjiagang (40,000-50,000 DWT)
    Tianjin-Zhenjiang (20,000-30,000 DWT)

    Dalian/Jinzhou ? Guangzhou(20000 ? 30000 Dwt)
    Yingkou ? Shenzhen(40000 ? 50000 Dwt)

Metal ore:
    Qingdao/Rizhao ? Zhangjiagang(20000-30000 Dwt)
    Beilun ? Zhenjiang (30000 ? 40000 Dwt)
    Zhoushan ? Zhangjiagang(5000 ? 10000 Dwt)

Product oil:
    Dalian ? Guangzhou (Diesel) (30000 ? 40000 Dwt)
    Dalian ? Nanjing (Diesel) (5000 ? 10000 Dwt)
    Tianjin ? Wenzhou/Taizhou (Diesel) (2000 ? 5000 Dwt)

Crude oil:
    Ningbo/Zhoushan ? Nanjing (30000 ? 40000 Dwt)
    Ningbo ? Shanghai (30000 ? 40000 Dwt)
    Guangzhou ? Nanjing (30000 ? 40000 Dwt)

3. Collection of freight information. At present, 50 panelists provide freight information. Within which, panelists submit freight rates in dry bulk routes are:
    Cargill Investments(China) Ltd.
    Chang Jiang Shipping Group Phoenix Co., Ltd.
    China Coal Energy Company Limited.
    China Cosco Shipping Co.,Ltd.?COSCO SHIPPING BULK CO.,LTD.?
    Dalian Haid King-Hedger Commodity Trading Co., Ltd.
    Deqin Group Co., Ltd.
    Dongguan Haichang Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Fu Jian Sheng Da Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Fujian Guohang Ocean Shipping(Group)Co., Ltd.
    Fujian Shipping Company
    Guang Dong Shipping Co., Ltd.
    Guangdong Yudean Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Guangzhou Port Group Co.,Ltd.
    Guangzhou Yuehe Energy Co., Ltd.
    Huayuan Star Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Jiangsu Weilun Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Jiangyin Lidian Coal Transportation & Marketing Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Marine Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Ningfeng Fuel Delivery Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Port Company Limited.
    Ningbo Economic&Technological Development Zone Long Sheng Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Qinghuadao Port Co.,Ltd.
    Shanghai International Port(Group) Co.,Ltd.
    Shanghai Leading Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Time Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Shenhua Zhonghai Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Tianjin Port(Group) Co.,Ltd.
    Tianjin Younysun Shipping Group Co.,Ltd.
    Yangpu Zhehai Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Zhejiang Materials Industry Fuel Group Co.,Ltd.
    Zhejiang Shipping Group Co.,Ltd.
    Zhoushan Zhongchang Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Zhuhai Qinfa Shipping Co., Ltd.

    Panelists submit freight rates in oil products routes are :
    Chang Feng oil tanker transportation Co.,Ltd.
    China Cosco Shipping Co.,Ltd.?COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co.,Ltd.)
    CNOOC Oil & Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.
    DaLian Ou Yang Shipping Co.,Ltd.
    Nanjing Tanker Corporation
    PetroChina Dalian Marine Shipping Company
    Rongcheng City Heshun Shipping Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Donghai Shipping Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Jianqiao Guoji Hangyun Youxian Gongsi
    Sinopec Marketing East China Branch
    Xiamen Lu Sheng Shipping Co., Ltd
    Zhoushan Zhehua Petroleum Transport Co., Ltd.

4. Publication: CBFI composite index, the individual freight indexes of trade routes, individual cargo indices and major cargo freight rate on the specific trade routes will be issued on the publication day each week (Friday).