China Import Dry Bulk Freight Index (CDFI) Publication Dates in 2021

  CDFI is published on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. Pursuant to the Notice of General Office of State Council on Arrangement of Holidays in 2021, the publishing will be ceased on below listed dates due to public holidays:

  New Year’s Day: 1st January

  Lunar New Year: 11th February, 12th February, 15th February, 16th February, 17th February

  Tomb-sweeping Day: 5th April

  International Labor Day: 3rd May, 4th May, 5th May

  Dragon Boat Festival: 14th June

  Mid-Autumn Festival: 20th September, 21st September

  National Holiday: 1st October, 4th October, 5th October, 6th October, 7th October

  Any further adjustment of publication dates due to unforeseen situation will be announced separately.

  Shanghai Shipping Exchange

  3rd, Dec, 2020


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