Taiwan Strait Containerized Freight Index Began Trial Operation


  On April 2, Containerized Freight Index Across Taiwan Strait (referred to as TWFI), jointly researched and developed by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange and Xiamen Shipping Exchange, officially began its trial operation.

  TWFI was born with typicality, coverage, representativeness and fairness. To demonstrate the demand-supply and climate index of container shipping across mainland and Taiwan, the trade freight index of TWFI was compiled through the formula mode of Laspeyres index, reflecting the changing trend of the average single-box rate; among the sample enterprises, most of them came from major liners across the strait, highlighting its market representativeness; the data was submitted online, which insured its security, timeliness and stability.

  During the trial period, TWFI is published on every Wednesday afternoon (except holidays), covering 6 round benchmark trades:North China/Taiwan, East China/Taiwan and  Southeast China/Taiwan. Each trade freight index starts from 1000 base points on 22 Jan. 2014.


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