The Agreement of terms and conditions of rights and obligations are signed by and between Shanghai Shipping Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “SSE”) and the common user that subscribes (hereinafter referred to as “common user”) any of the freight indices (hereinafter referred to as “index”). Before registration and subscription of index, user is required to read the terms and conditions of the Agreement carefully. Submission of registration information shall be deemed as user’s consent and acceptance of the Agreement, who will be bound by the terms and conditions container herein.

User refers to the person or entity that fully agrees upon the terms and conditions of the Agreement, completes the required registration process and obtains username and password.

I. Intellectual Property Rights and Protection
1. All intellectual property rights relating to index are owned by SSE. User must recognize all rights of index of SSE, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights. “Intellectual property rights” include any and all rights, any and all other ownerships as well as any and all application, updating, expansion and recovery thereof stipulated in laws such as property law, copyright law, trademark law, anti-unfair competition law, etc.

2. Without authorization in writing by SSE, all data of index are for perusal only and no person or entity is allowed to duplicate, forward, transfer, revise, recompose, translate, distribute, publicize or extract, republish or reuse in any form for any public or commercial purpose, or create derivative products of index. The user shall be held liable for any damage to SSE or others due to duplication, revision and distribution of the data at its own discretion.

II. Subscription Content
Common user can subscribe to SSE for the authority to read the index. The valid period is one year and only one user is allowed online.

III. Subscription Fee

The subscription fee for SCFI, CCFI or SBFI is CNY15,000/year each (say Renminbi fifteen thousand yuan only). Please contact relevant persons of SSE for special discount to SSE membership.
User Authority and Subscription Fee
Subscription Content User Type Available Time User Authority Subscription Fee
Composite index and spot rates of individual routes Common user 15: 00 on index publication date Read only

CNY15,000 per year Discount for SSE membership

IV. Rights and Obligations

i. Rights and Obligations of Common User
1. After consent of the Agreement and submission of registration information, the common user shall effect all payment of subscription fee within ten working days.
2. After subscription of composite index and spot rates of individual routes, the common user may log on to SSE’s official websites ( and ( by the username and password provided by SSE to read the index information.
3. The common user shall protect and respect the intellectual property rights of index.
4. Any breach of the Agreement or relevant national laws and regulations shall be deemed as infringement of intellectual property right of index. SSE has the right to suspend the Agreement and data provision service without reimbursement of subscription fee and may charge a penalty of four times of subscription fee from the user.

ii. Rights and Obligations of SSE
1. SSE shall provide the user with username and password within twenty-four hours after payment of subscription fee to log on to the official websites ( and ( to read the index information.
2. Except special failure, SSE guarantees to provide the user with normal data of index within the valid period of the Agreement.
3. SSE undertakes not to release the personal information of user without the authorization of user.
4. Within the maximum scope of law, SSE clearly states not to explicitly, implicitly or compulsorily have indemnity including but not limited to indemnity of marketability, suitability to certain purpose and no infringement of ownership. SSE may at any time temporarily or permanently change, suspend or terminate publication the index or any part thereof. SSE has no liability to user or any third party for such change, alteration, change or termination of index.

V. Valid Period
The valid period of the Agreement shall be one year since the date of payment.

VI. Settlement of Disputes
For any dispute and explanation of the terms and conditions of the Agreement, the laws of People’s Republic of China shall apply and the People’s Court where SSE is located should be the primary court of jurisdiction.