For the purpose of timely reflecting the frequent and drastic fluctuation of freight rates of China’s coastal coal transport market, and implementing the instructions of the State Council in the Opinions on Building Two Centers in Shanghai, “…to enrich shipping finance product lines, speed up development of shipping freight index derivatives and create favorable conditions for Chinese shipping enterprises to control transport risks…”, Shanghai Shipping Exchange has, on the basis of existing system of China (Coastal) Bulk Freight Index (CBFI), developed the China (Coastal) Bulk Coal Freight Index (CBCFI) and publicizes the composite index and spot rates for different routes/types of vessels of coastal coal service market every day. The methodology of compiling and publicizing freight indices is:

1Base Period
CBCFI takes Sept. 1st 2011 as the base period and the base index is 1,000 points.

2 Sample Routes and Types of Vessel
CBCFI includes 10 routes, namely Qinhuangdao—Guangzhou (50,000-60,000DWT), Qinhuangdao—Fuzhou (30,000-40,000DWT), Qinhuangdao—Ningbo (15,000-20,000DWT), Qinhuangdao—Shanghai (40,000-50,000DWT), Qinhuangdao—Zhangjiagang (20,000-30,000DWT), Tianjin—Shanghai (20,000-30,000DWT), Tianjin—Zhenjiang (10,000-15,000DWT), Huanghua—Shanghai (30,000-40,000DWT) and Jintang/Caofeidian—Ningbo (40,000-50,000DWT),  Qinhuangdao – Nanjing( 30,000-40,000 DWT)

In 13th Jan 2017, 4 newly added routes were officially issued under CBCFI by SSE and they are: Qinhuangdao-Guangzhou (60,000-70,000 DWT), Qinhuangdao-Xiamen (50,000-60,000 DWT), Qinhuangdao-Zhangjiagang (40,000-50,000 DWT) and Tianjin-Zhenjiang (20,000-30,000 DWT).

3Collection of Freight Information
The CBCFI freight information is provided by the China (Coastal) Bulk Freight Index Panelist every day. See the introduction of CBFI for the list of panelists.

4 Means of Publication
Shanghai Shipping Exchange publicizes CBCFI at the official website and as well as at 15:00 (Beijing Time) on each index publication day. Users may log on to the websites of Shanghai Shipping Exchange for the latest information.

The detailed dates of index publication of CBCFI will be announced by Shanghai Shipping Exchange on website. When in necessary and reasonable cases, Shanghai Shipping Exchange may cancel or postpone publication of indices.