To fully reflecting the fluctuation of Chinese coastal transport market, SSE officially initiated China Coastal Bulk Freight Index (CBFI) on 28th November 2001 under the guidance of MOT. This new tool also better displays the market situation during the period of waterway transport pricing system reform, and boost the sound development of China Coastal Shipping market.

    The publication of CBFI heralded the advent of brand new freight index system in China. As the barometer of the market, CBFI promptly reflects the freight changes, which helps the facilitation of the macro-regulation and control of coastal transport market by the government and provides updated market information to the shipping companies, shippers, trade enterprises, ports, agents, and etc.

    For the purpose of acclimatizing the changes of the domestic coastal bulk transport market, the publication form of CBFI has been optimized and adjusted since 28th November 2018. The methodology of compiling and publicizing freight indices is:

1. Basic period.
CBFI took 31st January 2000 as the basic period with the basic index at 1,000 points.

2. Index Composition.
CBFI includes one composite index and five cargo component indices (i.e. coal, grain, metal ore, product oil and crude oil).

3. Index calculation.
The composite index and component index are calculated using the weighted average method. Among the cargo component indices, the coal, metal ore, product oil and crude oil cargo indices include not only spot market freight rates but also COA freight rates.
4. Collection of freight information.
The CBCFI freight information is provided by the China (Coastal) Bulk Freight Index Panelist every day. At present, 54 panelists provide freight information.

5. Means of Publication.
Shanghai Shipping Exchange publicizes CBFI at the official website and as well as at 17:00 (Beijing Time) on the publication day each week (Friday). Users may log on to the websites of Shanghai Shipping Exchange for the latest information.
The detailed dates of index publication of CBFI will be announced by Shanghai Shipping Exchange on website. When in necessary and reasonable cases, Shanghai Shipping Exchange may cancel or postpone publication of indices.