China has a great weight in global bulk shipping market. It has taken almost up to 50% share of global shipping in coal, ore and grain shipping sector. The "China influence" has become increasingly important to the market. In order to reveal the supply-demand situation of the international dry bulk shipping market, provide the right guidance reflecting international dry bulk shipping market conditions, and give the support for decision-making on the macro-controlling and business operating, Shanghai Shipping Exchange (hereinafter referred as "SSE") has developed China Import Dry Bulk Freight Index (hereinafter referred as "CDFI") under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport. After one year trail run, it was official launched in 28th November, 2013.

After several years? operation, CDFI draws wide attention not only from domestic and overseas shipping companies, brokers, shippers / traders, financial institutions, government departments and the media, but also wins the industry's approval since it fully reflects the characteristics of China's imported dry bulk market and its timely and accuracy. In order to further highlight the characteristics of CDFI's VC route, also to reflect the freight rates of dry bulk cargoes imported to China, SSE optimized and adjusted the original CDFI and developed a new version. The new CDFI index was released on November 28, 2017.

1.The Route, Vessel Type and Freight type
The new CDFI includes one composite index, four cargo component index and 13 VC freight rate index. It covers main kinds of Chinese importing bulk cargoes: iron ore, coal, grain and nickel ore and it publishes in a combined form of voyage charter - VC (U.S. $/ton).
Iron ore route
Dampier(West Australia)—Qingdao(China), 170000 MT
Tubarao(Brazil)—Qingdao(China), 170000 MT
Saldanha(South Africa)—Qingdao(China), 170000 MT
Geraldton(Australia)—Qingdao(China), 60000 MT
Coal route
Newcastle(Australia)—Zhoushan(China), 130000 MT
Hay Point(Australia)—Zhoushan(China), 85000 MT
Samarinda(Indonesia)—Guangzhou(China), 70000 MT
Taboneo(Indonesia)—Guangzhou(China), 50000 MT
Taboneo(Indonesia)—Nantong(China), 45000 MT
Grain route
Santos(Brazil)—North China, 66000 MT
Tacoma(West America)—North China, 63000 MT
Mississippi(US Gulf)—North China(pass COGH), 66000 MT
Nickel ore route
Surigao(Philippines)—Rizhao(China), 50000 MT

2.Panelists and Information Source
The source rates to generate new CDFI are collected from members of FDI panel who are composed by shipowners, brokers and shippers / traders. All members have a good reputation in worldwide range, good credit and excellent performance in its particular area. They are (In alphabetical order): Augustus Maritime Co., Limited, Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Baosteel Resources International Company Limited, BEIJING AU-SEA SHIPPING CONSULTING CO., LTD., Beijing Shourong Shipping Development Co., Ltd., CCS Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., China Agri Oils Trading Limited, Cosco Shipping Bulk Co.,Ltd., Dongguan Haichang Shipping Co.,Ltd., EGPN BULK CARRIER CO., LTD, EVEREST SHIPPING PTE LTD, Fearnleys Shanghai Shipbroking Co.,Ltd., Fujian Guohang Ocean Shipping (Group) Co.,Ltd., FUJIAN SHIPPING COMPANY, Guangdong Shipping Co.,Ltd.,Hebei Ocean Shipping (Group) Co.,Ltd., Huaya Shipping Co.,Ltd., ITG SHIPPING (H.K.) CO., LTD., Joint Fortune Shipping(hk) Limited, Ningbo Marine Co.,Ltd., Ocean Robin Shipping Holding Ltd., Oldendorff Carriers Shanghai Office, Pacific Bulk Enterprises Company Limited, SEACON SHIPPING GROUP LIMITED, Shandong Shipping Corporation, Shanghai Leading Energy Shipping Co., Ltd., SHANGHAI MING WAH SHIPPING CO.,LTD. ., Shanghai Seamaster Shipbroking Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Time Shipping Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Zhongshen Industry Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Oceanus Group, Sinosteel Shipping & Forwarding Co.,Ltd., Vertical Horizon Shipping S Pte Ltd.

3.Index publication
The composite index and component indices are published at 17:00(Beijing Time) on every date of issue. Users can conveniently have the latest new CDFI information by logging on SSE website. The date of issue will be every working day in principle. However, shall there be any adjustment due to special reason such as statutory holidays or etc., a formal notice will be posted in advance by SSE. In some special cases, SSE may postpone or cease the release of CDFI when in necessary or reasonable case.