Since the adjustment and upgrade of industrial structure in China, the shift of export-oriented market for growth of China import volume, the improvement of bi-directional imbalance in liner transport, the change of China import containerized freight has been increasingly important for shipping and trading enterprises. For the purpose of meeting the demand of fast developing Chinese import container market, fully reflecting the market conditions of China foreign trade container transport, and perfecting China containerized freight index system, Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE) researched and developed China Import Containerized Freight Index (referred as "CICFI").CICFI was officially published on November 30, 2015,including the composite index and 5 sub-indices for the sample routes.

   On November 16,2022 the new version of CICFI is officially published, including the composite index and 12 sub-indices for the sample routes.

Introduction of CICFI compiling and publishing methods:

1. Base period: CICFI takes November 28, 2014 as the base period with the base period index of 1,000 points.

2. Choosing of sample routes: As per the three major principles of typicality, relativity and regional layout, 12 trade lanes were chosen as the samples, namely Europe, Mediterranean , American west coast, American east coast, Australia & New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, East and West Africa, Persian Gulf / Red sea services. Their ports of arrival in China include ten hub ports i.e. Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

3. Collecting of freight data: There are 15 carriers, with good business reputation and major market shares on the above sample routes, providing the freight info required for index compiling voluntarily. They are (in initial alphabet order of company English name):

CMA CGM (China) Shipping Co., Ltd. (CMA-CGM);

COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd.;


Shanghai Hai hua Shipping Co., Ltd. (HASCO);

Hapag-Lloyd (China) Shipping Ltd. (HLAG);

Hyundai Merchant Marine. (HMM);

Hamburg Süd (China) Limited. (HSDG);

Maersk (China) Shipping Co., Ltd (MAERSK);

Mediterranean Shipping Company (Shanghai) Ltd. (MSC);


Orient Overseas Container Line (China) Co., Ltd. (OOCL);

Pacific International Lines (China) LTD. (PIL);

Regional Container Lines Shipping Co., Ltd. (RCL);

SITC Container Lines Co. Ltd. (SITC);

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (YM).

4. Publishing Method: CICFI, including the composite index and 12 sub-indices for the sample routes are generally compiled and published on Fridays by SSE. The dates of publication are adjusted in legal holidays and SSE publishes the specific publication dates in advance on its official website. If necessary and reasonable, SSE may postpone or cancel the publication.