Ship Trading

Ship's Purchase

Ship's Type DWT(ton) Year DFT Price Detail
33261 Bulk Carrier 35000-40000(Ton) 1-34(Year) No Limit Negotiable »
11301 Chemical Carrier 30000-40000(Ton) 10-15(Year) <11(M) Negotiable »
28 Chemical Carrier 1000-3000(Ton) 1-8(Year) No Limit Negotiable »
30 Bulk Carrier 3000-6000(Ton) 1-8(Year) No Limit Negotiable no limit on flag, port of regist and service region »
32 Multi-purpose Ship 3000-6000(Ton) 1-8(Year) No Limit Negotiable built after 2000 for exportation class bv prior »
254 Bulk Carrier 6000-8000(Ton) <24(Year) <7(M) Negotiable »
256 Bulk Carrier 9000-10000(Ton) <5(Year) No Limit Negotiable »
258 Bulk Carrier 3000-4000(Ton) <15(Year) No Limit Negotiable Service Region:Near Ocean Flag: other than PRC »
259 Engineering Vessel 800-1200(Ton) <5(Year) <3(M) Negotiable We require 10 ships of this style »
260 Product Tanker 2000-6000(Ton) <15(Year) No Limit Negotiable DH required »
261 Bulk/Container Ship 2000-5000(Ton) No Limit No Limit Negotiable For grain transport service »
262 Bulk Carrier 30000(Ton) <20(Year) <17(M) Negotiable LOA: 170m MOL crane needed »
885 Barge 5000-15000(Ton) <10(Year) <7(M) Negotiable Class:CCS Service Region:Oceangoing Self propelled »
160 Bulk/Container Ship 1800-2000(Ton) <1(Year) <3(M) Negotiable »
159 Bulk Carrier 16000-20000(Ton) <3(Year) <9(M) Negotiable »
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