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Europe (Base port)

USD/TEU 20.0%      

Mediterranean (Base port)

USD/TEU 10.0%      

USWC (Base port)

USD/FEU 20.0%      

USEC (Base port)

USD/FEU 7.5%      

Persian Gulf and Red Sea (Dubai)

USD/TEU 7.5%      

Australia/New Zealand (Melbourne)

USD/TEU 5.0%      

East/West Africa (Lagos)

USD/TEU 2.5%      

South Africa (Durban)

USD/TEU 2.5%      

South America (Santos)

USD/TEU 5.0%      

West Japan (Base port)

USD/TEU 5.0%      

East Japan (Base port)

USD/TEU 5.0%      

Southeast Asia (Singapore)

USD/TEU 7.5%      

Korea (Pusan)

USD/TEU 2.5%      

Taiwan (Kaohsiung)

USD/TEU 2.5%      

Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

USD/TEU 2.5%      

   Note: The freight rate includes ocean freight and surcharges, i.e.:

            1   BAF/FAF/LSS*               2   EBS/EBA               3   CAF/YAS               4   PSS
            5   WRS                     6   PCS                     7   SCS/SCF/PTF/PCC
                        *Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS) was included from end of year 2014.

   Base Port: Report Freight Rates of Base Ports
                     Mediterranean Sea—Barcelona/Valencia/Genoa/Naples
                     Europe—Hamburg/Rotterdam/Antwerp/Felixstowe/Le Havre
                     USWC—Los Angeles/Long Beach/Oakland
                     USEC—New York/Savannah/Norfolk/Charleston
                     West Japan—Osaka/Kobe East Japan—Tokyo/Yokohama
   Issued by SSE

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