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How to apply for SSE membership


Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE) adopts a membership system and either Chinese and foreign enterprises with good business reputation and independent legal person status or other organizations that are willing to abide by the Articles of Association of SSE may apply for SSE membership. Enterprises or organizations for SSE membership shall go through the relevant formalities as specified in SSE Articles of Association and may become SSE members subject to the verification and approval of SSE.


To date, SSE has more than 300 formal member enterprises including shipping companies, shipping agencies, freight forwarders, logistics providers, customs clearing agents, commodity trading corporations, port enterprises as well as other shipping-related enterprises.


Application procedures:


(1) Applicants shall complete the Application Form for Shanghai Shipping Exchange Formal (Interim) Membership and submit the relevant documents (Photostat copy of Business License, Certificate for Approval, etc.).


(2) SSE shall conduct verification of the applicant in accordance with the SSE Articles of Association, and decide whether to accept or refuse the applicant as the member within 30 days after receipt of the application form.


(3) Applicants shall go through the registration procedures for membership qualification subject to the approval of SSE.


(4) SSE shall confer SSE membership on the applicant with certificate.


Rights of SSE Members


SSE members may enjoy the following rights:

(1) To make suggestions on and criticisms against the work of SSE;
(2) To make proposals for and accept proposals as SSE membership directors;
(3) To have access to SSE facilities; and
(4) To have access to information provided by SSE.
The Subparagraph (2) is not applicable to interim members of SSE.


Obligations of SSE Members


SSE member shall fulfill the following obligations:

(1) To abide by the relevant provisions as contained in the Articles of Association and the Trading Rules of SSE;

(2) To effect timely payment of the membership dues and other related fees to SSE;

(3) To provide SSE with true and correct shipping transaction rates of their own enterprises as well as other information;

(4) Not to release or spread to the news medium or public the shipping information acquired from SSE;

(5) To accept administration and supervision of SSE.




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