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Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE), jointly founded by the Ministry of Transport and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on November 28 1996 under the approval of the State Council, is the first state-level shipping exchange in China and the founding of the SSE represents a major step taken by the Chinese government to promote and invigorate China’s shipping market and match the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center.


SSE has adopted the managerial system of “the President’s Responsibility under the Leadership of the Board of Directors”, and governs six departments: the Information Department, Trading Department, Technical Department, Marketing Department, Financial Department and Presidential Administration Office.


SSE is gifted with the basic functions as “ to standardize the transactions, to protact fair shipping market competion and to communicate information on the shipping market.” By performing these three functions and sticking to the principle of “Openness, Fairness and Justness”, SSE has scored fruitful achievements in information exchange and research, shipping operator credit evaluation system, shipping trading and notarization and services to port and shipping industry especially our member entities. SSE has produced widespread social and economic benefits and played an important role in regulating China’s shipping market, maintaining the shipping transaction order and propelling healthy development of the shipping market.


At present, SSE is making full use of the opportunities of shipping development and concentrating on embodying the trading function of key shipping elements by possessing and publicizing of shipping information, promotion of shipping conventions, research of shipping policies, exchange of shipping business, broking service, consulting and agency service, formulation of example documents and standardization of shipping market. SSE is bound to make greater contributions to the development of the China’s shipping market and Shanghai International Shipping Center!

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