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· Credit Assessment System of Shipping and its Auxiliary Industries


For the purpose of market order standardization, credible transaction and consumption under credit assessment system and thanks to the strong support by the Ministry of Transport, Shanghai Municipal Credit Office and Shanghai Municipal Port Administration, the credit assessment of shipping and its auxiliary industries was initiated by SSE in 2002. Now, SSE has achieved great success and is highly recognized by the society.


In the past six years, totally 1,115 enterprises in Shanghai that are engaged in shipping and auxiliary industries took credit assessment and their qualification and credit files have accordingly been set up. SSE entrusted impartial third-party institutes to work out 346 in-depth assessment reports. Till now, more than 80% of enterprises engaged shipping and its auxiliary industries have their credit files.


· Grand Customs Clearance Platform


SSE established Shanghai International Shipping Service Center to provide one-stop customs clearance service. By offering collective housing facilities to port authority, ship operators, freight forwarders, agencies, customs, inspection authorities, financial organs, underwriters, legal and arbitration entities, SSE has successfully enhanced their coordination and communication, thus greatly uplifting customs clearance efficiency and service quality. Now the staff members of customs clearance platform adopt “5+2 days” all-time service. Besides the competent authorities, more than 100 SSE member entities have their offices located in the building and the daily flow rate is more than 10,000 persons.


· Freight Filing Mechanism


Under authorization of the Ministry of Transport, SSE initiated freight filing mechanism in China, which effectively consolidates trading openness and market transparency and reduces trade costs in coastal ports.

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