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· Freight Negotiation


Targeting at market demand, SSE has organized freight coordination and negotiation of Japan and Europe liner services so as to establish self-disciplinary pricing mode of Chinese shipping market and protect legitimate rights and interests of both carriers and shippers.


· Ship Trading Service Platform


SSE endeavors to provide package services to massive customers and members, including S&P information release, notary service, ship’s bidding, valuation, payment collection guarantee, etc.


SSE audits ship’s trading contracts, ship’s particulars and certificates so as to prevent loss of state-owned assets, protect rights and interests of both buyers and sellers and ensure safety of ship’s operation.


· Bid Tendering Service


In 2004, SSE conducted bidding of “Establishment of Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures Engaged in Chemical Transport Between Domestic Ports (CDT)”under authorization of the Ministry of Transport, which pioneered bidding of franchise operation on domestic waterway and thus consolidated government profile of standard administration.


In 2006, SSE conducted bidding of Carrying Capacity Quota of Leisure Boats on Huangpu River as entrusted by Shanghai Municipal Port Administration. SSE persisted in principle of “Open, Fair and Impartial” in the whole process like biding documentation, information release, bid assessment and notification.


In 2007,SSE on behalf of principal of Shanghai Municipal Port Administration completed bidding of 31 leisure boats on Huangpu River for World Expo Shanghai 2001, which fully manifested ideology of legality-and service-oriented government and effectively reallocated market resource.

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