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· Report on China’s Shipping Development (white paper book)


As the annual governmental report showing development of shipping industry in China, this report is sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and formulated by SSE. The abundant statistics and information contained in the book keep our readers informed of the updated situation in a systematic, objective, accurate and all-round way. It timely publicizes Chinese policies, laws and regulations related to shipping affairs and can serve as import reference to government and enterprise decision makers as well as massive investors.


Furthermore, it is of great value in terms of publicizing Chinese shipping policies and conducting information exchange in the international shipping circle.


· Shipping Exchange Bulletin


Sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and issued by SSE, The Shipping Exchange Bulletin is the core source journal on international shipping and logistics for readers both at home and abroad. It also serves as the major platform of information release of the Ministry of Transport and Shanghai International Shipping Center.


Thanks to the long-term support by the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Commerce, State Economy and Trade Committee and General Administration of Customs of PRC, Shipping Exchange Bulletin since its first issue in 1996 publicizes the most updated shipping/logistics news, authoritative shipping and trade policies and regulations, real-time transaction information and various statistics and analyses by the central and local governments as well as research institutes.Its timely, authoritative and practical information has been widely recognized and appreciated by readers all over the world.


· “Three Musketeers” shipping indices.




To meet the demand of fast developing Chinese container transport market, China (Export) Containerized Freight Index (CCFI), sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and formulated by SSE, was firstly publicized on April 13th 1998.


During the past decade, CCFI has fully exerted its function of reflecting market tendency and therefore evoked worldwide repercussions with considerable economic and social effects. Owing to its scientific and authoritative approach, CCFI is deemed as the world second influential freight index following the Baltic Dry Bulk Freight Index and has been cited as authoritative statistics in the shipping annals published by UNCTAD.


CCFI objectively shows the container transport market and bridges Chinese shipping market to the world circle, which provides well-founded information to decision-makers of various shipping and trade enterprises as well as the governmental agency in charge of macro-economic regulation and control, thus attracting great attention of mass media and the related research and consulting institutes.




In order to fully reflect the ups and downs of Chinese coastal transport market and promote the overall standardization of domestic shipping market, the MOC officially initiated China Coastal Bulk Freight Index (CBFI) in November 2004.


The publication of CBFI heralded the advent of brand new freight index system in China and adapted to the reform of water transport pricing system. It is a new tool to describe the market demand and boost the sound development of coastal transport market. Meanwhile as the barometer for the market, CBFI promptly reflects the freight changes, which facilitates the macro-regulation and control of coastal transport market by the government and provides updated market information to the shipping companies, cargo owners, trade enterprises, ports, agents, and etc.




For the purpose of meeting the demand of international container freight index derivative and optimizing China’s export container freight index system, SSE renovates and publicizes new Shanghai (Export) Containerized Freight Index (SCFI), which is officially issued on October 16th 2009 to replace the original SCFI issued on December 7th 2005.


The new SCFI reflects the spot rates of Shanghai export container transport market, which includes both freight rates (indices) of 15 individual shipping routes and the comprehensive index. The freight information for SCFI compilation is reported by CCFI panelists, including liner companies, shippers and freight forwarding agents. All member panelists are world-renowned enterprises or firms with outstanding performances and fame in certain fields. At present, 20 panelists of liner companies and 17 panelists of shippers/freight forwarders provide the freight information.


· Shipping Information Pool


<Viewpoints and Researches>, a magazine for membership which collects SSE’s industrial opinions and research achievements,was composed by two parts: Part Ⅰ, SSE’s viewpoints on construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center, development of strengthening national shipping power and highlights in shipping market; Part Ⅱ, Achievements of SSE in key research projects.


The Dynamic Shipping Information and the Biannual/Annual Analysis on Waterway Transport Market Trend are valuable internal reports for SSE membership only.

· Study and Research


SSE has been actively engaged in scientific research and policy study and successfully completed over 50 research projects entrusted by Ministries and Municipal government. Some highly valued achievements have been realized by national policies. SSE has been awarded many prizes on shipping research.

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